Submit your Seminar or Workshop idea for the Stockport Expo

Have you knowledge to share? We’re always looking for new content to share at our events, as long as your talk meets our terms of agreement for Seminars and Workshops, we’d love for you to submit your session proposal to us below.

We’re looking for Business Professionals who can provide real value to the audience by sharing deep knowledge and expertise within their business sector.

What are the Terms of Agreements for Speakers?

We have some rules to make sure Speakers and Attendees both enjoy the Expo, we ask all the speakers agree to the below:

  • Don’t sell from the Stage, we all want to grow our business and we don’t mind you talking about your company, but its not a sales-pitch. Make sure you’re sharing content not selling it through your talk.
  • Make time for questions, lots of people will have different questions on different subjects, make sure you leave time at the end for Q+A.
  • Understand there will be a broad mix of backgrounds, company types and experiences. Try and make your talks inclusive to all the audience.
  • Keep to time, we know you might get carried away but please remember we have a schedule to make sure its fair for all delegates/ speakers/ exhibitors and ourselves as the organisers.
  • Only share what is yours, if you need permission from someone or an organisation to share their research/ stats or even the concept make sure you get it before you share it from the stage.

Ready? Submit your Talk below.